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Part 13

This photo shows the complete contents of one of the first 1957 VIP Electric Model Roadways Set 'A'.

Victory's slot cars were a great hit and their Set 'A' remained in continuous production from 1957 until 1961. During this period many thousands were sold worldwide and consequently its not a very difficult set to find today. Throughout its production,  the cars, the set, its contents and the box all underwent various changes and I'll attempt to detail these over the next few pages.

The Cars 

Early style of pick-up's

1957 - Steel spur gear, large section carbon motor brushes pressed into brass mount, paxolin brush carrier, orange colour motor windings, large diameter commutator with notable gap between it and motor windings, large cross section motor bearings, large flat holes on base of motor side plates, small unsleeved suppressor, metal weight at front of chassis, solid crossmember on front axle, spring steel wire pick-ups, thin moulded line beneath V logo on chassis, driver and steering wheel are both a push fit into cockpit.

Spring 1958 -  Clear/white nylon spur gear, red colour motor windings, small diameter commutator flush with motor windings, small cross section motor bearings, small dished holes on base of motor side plates, driver and steering wheel heat welded into place. Other details as 1957.

Later multi-strand pick-ups (collector brushes)

Autumn 1958 - Small section carbon motor brushes pressed into brass carrier, large sleeved suppressor, no metal weight, two holes in front axle crossmember, multi-strand phosphor-bronze pick-ups. Other details as Spring 1958

Spring 1959 - Motor brushes now soldered into brass mount, black nylon brush carrier. Other details as Winter 1958

Winter 1959 - Black nylon spur gear. Other details as Spring 1959

1960 - Moulded line beneath V logo on chassis flattened down (don't ask me why!). Other details as Winter 1959

The cars then remained unchanged in this form. The sets were discontinued in 1961 and this version of the individually boxed cars in 1962.

The set car MGA's and Austin Healey's were produced in Yellow, Yellow, Red, Red ,   Green, Green, White, White, Dark Blue, Dark Blue and Grey Blue Grey Blue colours. From the examples that I've seen to date, White cars only appear to have been produced up until early 1959 when this colour was discontinued and replaced by the Dark Blue variety. White cars only seem to appear in the sets. 

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