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British Card Jigsaws

'Sunny Italy'

 Crown jig-saw, over 1000 pieces, 1950's

Ah fair Italy, the canals, the gondoliers, the flowers, the ruins, the romance, the strange pink water. It must have taken a fair old drop of Chianti to paint something so idyllically tacky - reminds one somewhat of those strange pictures of mysterious green eastern ladies that people used to have on their walls.  


'Entering the lock'

 The Good Companion, over 400 pieces, 1960's

Equally charming, the peculiar blue-green waters of this illustration look far better viewed on the PC than they do on the puzzle where you have to consider some form of devastating pollution at work. The precise implication of the phrase 'Stout Board' seen on the box is ambiguous, but probably indicates the puzzles suitability for use in the more inhospitable northern lodging houses.

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