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With very few surviving company records and with no regular catalogues or publications, finding information about Victory Industries Ltd is often a little bit like looking for a needle in haystack. Some of the information I've included in these pages comes from former employees, some from trade magazines and articles and the rest from fellow collectors but there are still huge gaps in my knowledge which I'd love to be able to fill. If you have anything that can add to the story then let me know at slotspot@hotmail.com.

I'm particularly looking for any of the following paperwork either to purchase, photocopy or swap for reference, but please let me know of any you have for sale:

Price lists (assuming that they exist)

1958, 1963, late 1968 (not January) & 1969 - Will pay 10+ each

If you have an undated price list let me know and I will be able to date it for you!


Technical information sheet

 for the Mighty Midget motor

                                                                                            1966 Information leaflet about

                                                                                            'VIP-LINK' Independent Suspension



1960 2-page Model Roads & Raceways flyer

Information sheets for R/C Hillman Minx, MG TF, Rapier Crane, Coles, Crane, Vigor Tractor, Vosper Crash Tender, Vosper Turbine Yacht.

Advertising Flyers for Austin A40 Somerset, MG TF, Hillman Minx, Morris Minor and Vauxhall Velox - Will pay 30 each

Orange R1 Set Handbook "New VIP Roads & Raceways Manual" - I have several of these already but they did alter them during the course of publication - please let me know the printers code on the back of your copy.

Instruction leaflets for TR3, Standard 10 and Hillman Minx Construction Kits

Victory Items Wanted

Victory Micro Motor - any condition - Your price paid!


VIP Slot Cars

Stock Car Blue/White            A mangled VIP Porsche Carrera bodyshell with salvageable head and tail lights

VIP Model Roadways/Raceways

MR404 Track Isolators - 10            MR406 Resistance connectors - 10

  VIP Double Supply transformer (doesn't have to work) - 10                                                                    VIP Junior transformer (doesn't have to work) - 10

                 VIP Standard Power Unit (doesn't have to work) - 10








Early type shiny metal track sections -

'Set B' Boxed - any condition            MR253 Short Single Roadway Lengths            MR261 Curved Single 60 degree angle

MR262 Curved Double 30 degree angle            MR263 Curved Single 30 degree angle            MR300 Double Crossing

MR301 Single/Double Crossing            MR302 Single Crossing