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British Card Jigsaws

'Holiday Fair'

 Philmar Sapphire jigsaw, over 1000 pieces, 1950's

Where did all the artists go that used to produce this kind of work? This puzzle like so many others omits an artist's signature. For some reason I'll never fathom British manufacturers switched from these happy bunch of illustrators to much more mundane photographs in the early 1970's. Enlightened manufacturers have switched back in recent years, but the standard of artwork generally lacks the easy naivety that makes these puzzles so glorious. Please bring back the self taught amateur illustrators of yesteryear! 

'A Thrilling Sport'

 Philmar Ensign jig-saw, over 425 pieces, 1950's

Possibly by the same artist and clearly by someone who'd never seen the Cresta run or a bob-sleigh in real life. You can imagine the lengthy research that went on as the artist was given his brief. "What on earth does it look like? I've never seen a bob-sleigh!" "Oh don't worry, somebody told me they go like a rocket, so draw one of those and disguise it a bit."


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