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London Street Basingstoke about 1900 before developers got there hands on it. Now you can stand still for months and never see a horse and cart.

Basingstoke in Hampshire is the magnificent town where I live, eat and sleep along with several thousand other people. For a variety of reasons it's long been one of the most maligned towns in the south of England and as far back as the 19th century was referred to by some guide books as "a town with little merit". In the early sixties, much of the towns heart and soul was demolished to make way for a dramatic modern shopping centre - ready to catapult the town into the next century.

Now we are well into that next century, much of that fine new shopping centre has been pulled down and replaced by a dramatic modern shopping centre that will catapult the town into the next century.

I have to say I was a little disappointed with this new multi-million pound redevelopment - "Festival Place" they call it I searched high and low for any sign of a festival but it seemed just to be a load of shops. Anyway, here are some local links to entertain and illustrate the charm and character of our gay little town:-





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