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1969 - The Factory Closes

Surviving records indicate that Victory did not have a brilliant year in 1968, but one which was far from disastrous. Had Fred Francis or Ivor Spence been in overall control of the company then I don't think this would have been anything other than a minor blip. Unfortunately they weren't and it came as a great shock to them and to the trade in general when it was announced early in the year that the company was to be closed by its owner.

This was done with little ceremony, all staff were laid off by the end of March and all tooling, stock, machinery and stores were sold off at auction on the 15th April 1969.

Sympathy has no place in the world of finance of course, but one can't help feeling that a company which had endured so many ups and downs over the years, which had offered so many products which are still loved and admired by enthusiasts around the world and which was still operating profitably at a time when many slot car companies were going to the wall deserved a better fate.

There are no records to show what happened to any of the items sold at the auction although it is known that G&R Wrenn bought the remaining stocks of Mighty Midget motors, Vosper RAF Boats and Vosper triple screw yachts and all the associated spares. These items were listed in Wrenn price lists around 1970-71 but the dearth of any survivors in Wrenn packaging would indicate few were sold. Indeed some items were still in stock when Wrenn subsequently closed their doors in 1982 and their assets were sold on to Dapol but these were later destroyed in a fire at the Dapol warehouse.

On a final note, several wooden trays of unused MGA, Healey and yellow & blue Viper bodyshells turned up for sale at a slot car swapmeet around 1988 - perhaps there could be more still to be found! Be sure to let me know -

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