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1967 Part 2 - Stock Car Racing!

The final release for 1967 came in November and though few would say these were Victory's most attractive models, it certainly attracted a lot of press for its unique characteristics.

Stock Car Racing was a cheap form of motorsport which had begun in the 1950's racing otherwise scrap road cars around a small oval circuit. Unlike most other forms of motorsport, physical contact was permitted - even encouraged, and as the sport progressed, cars became more specialized and strengthened  with very robust chassis, roll over cages and 'industrial strength' front and rear bumpers. 

To emulate this rough and tumble style of racing, Victory successfully designed a method using AC current by which two cars could be driven in one lane with independent control of each car. Each car was also fitted with a device on the rear bumper which when hit would release a powerful spring beneath the car, launching it into the air and off the track.

The Stock Cars trip spring - simple but very effective!

By using a single crossover section in an oval layout, you had in effect a single lane track where you could eagerly pursue your opponent round and round until you successfully tagged his bumper and launched him into oblivion.

The cars weren't pretty, but they were very strong and they generally have survived very well to their years of abuse. 

Prototype SC101 set produced for 1968 Toy Fair

Individually boxed cars were sold through the VIPER club, but these weren't included on the normal price list and presumably were never available in the shops in this form. An SC101 'conversion set' was listed in 1968 containing two cars and the special connector unit but this never progressed beyond a Toy Fair display pack.