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Part 25

With sales of the R1 set going well, Victory added three new items to the raceway range. These were announced at the Brighton Toy Fair in January and became available as the year went on.

The R62 Ferrari quickly proved itself a popular addition to the range although sadly poor temperature control during production left stresses in the plastic which means that these have often adopted a banana like shape over the years. The tall thin roll bar on this model is also very vulnerable and most models which have seen any track time will have had this part broken off. Almost all the colour variations of this model come with a white nose cone, but the dark blue and red versions also came with a nose in the same colour as the body as shown above.

The R51 Lap Counter is almost all made from injection moulded plastic and pushed the factories moulding techniques to the limit. Because of this its operation is less than perfect although it does work most of the time! As can be seen from the rather attractive box, it included additional dials to allow the user to set the event and car numbers for each race.

The final addition this year was the R30 chicane, a rather severe piece of track made up of three separate sections. This was to be the only addition to this style of track.