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Part 23

 Individually Boxed Cars 

The standard versions of the Cooper (R60 and Lotus (R61) models went on sale as individually boxed cars at the same time as the sets and development of these models matched that of the set cars over the same period (1961 to 1964). Because of it's shorter wheelbase the R61 Lotus was discontinued in 1968 when all the standard models were fitted with VIPLINK front suspension and wider wheels & tyres. The Cooper remained available until the company closed in 1969. From 1963 Club Special versions with hotter motors were available under part numbers R60S Cooper and R61S Lotus. These motors are easily distinguished by their silver side plates. These models were discontinued at the same time as their standard counterparts. The type of box shown above with lift off top was used until mid-1964.


 Roadway Buildings 

Despite the fact they were scrapping the original roadway track, Victory hadn't abandoned their roadway concept entirely. The MR505 Shell Petrol Station comprises a cardboard building made from simple pre-cut pre-printed cardboard sections which slot together. In contrast the petrol pumps and forecourt sign are a simple plastic construction kit which needs to be glued together just like any Airfix kit. The garage set comes in a slim cardboard box very similar to that used for the Roadway bridge. 

The complete garage and fuel pump set is extremely rare and even though it was listed right up until 1964, very few appear to have been sold and even fewer seem to have survived. In contrast the fuel pump & sign kit was sold as a separate item from 1962 under part number MR505a and is relatively easy to find. 

Also seen in the above photo are the R44 straight hedges. These are very simple but also very effective being made of green painted horsehair glued to a wooden base which is notched to locate between the protruding ends of the track sleepers. Curved hedges were also available under part R45 and both types were distributed in a plain brown box of 12 to be sold loose by the toy shop.

The mechanic figures came in a set of six under part number R46 and were initially sold in a decorative presentation box although this was quickly dropped in favour of a plastic bag. These figures were produced by a company called Kentoys and were also available directly from the manufacturer and from distributor BJ Ward both before and after their inclusion in the Victory range.

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