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Two New Roadway Models

Part 19

The Austin A40

A once familiar but now all to rare sight on British roads, the Austin A40 is probably the most difficult to find of all Victory models save for the Electra boat and the Vigor Tractor. Attractive as the real car may have been, the majority of people who buy slot cars (both then and now) prefer to race some type of racing car or at least sporty car or at least a car that alludes vaguely to some sort of sportyness. Yes, I know Austin A40's did race and that the cars crisp cut lines were drawn by that Italian styling master Pininfarina, but to most people the Austin A40 was a small family runabout not worthy of a second look and so it was that only a select few chose to add them to their slot car stable. As far as I know Victory's fine model was produced in dark green as well as the red, yellow and light blue colours shown above. It should also be kicking around somewhere in dark blue although I've yet to see or hear of an example in that colour.

Slot car fans who'd like to try out an A40 on their track will be pleased to hear that there is a recently introduced resin model available at a tenth of the cost of a Victory one from BMC32 at the following link Don't forget to tell them who sent you!

The Austin-Healey Sprite

Perhaps not quite as rare as the A40 but equally highly prized by collectors is Victory's Austin-Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite. Unlike the A40, the Sprite was advertised in various American catalogues and perhaps enjoyed a rather larger following. As far as I know Victory's version is the only slot car model of this car. It's an attractive model overall and not a bad representation of the real thing, but is it really worth more than the Coles Crane? This model was also available in dark green and dark blue and has even been known to turn up in 'Set A' as original equipment!

I apologise for the rather fuzzy photographs of these models but as they're rather rare they are very difficult to capture on film. If you are in the UK and have a full set of either model in several of the colours that you'd be willing to let me photograph, or if you have pictures that you'd be prepared to let me use on the site please drop me a line at Thanks!

Victory saw out the year with a major presence at the National Models Exhibition at the New Horticultural Hall in Westminster, London. As well as a large display of their remote control cars and other models, they had another stand which included a 32ft long model roadway where you could try out their slot cars. Alongside stood an automatically controlled track where cars sped round slowing on corners and stopping automatically at traffic lights. They also had on display two new products that would be released in 1960. The Vickers Vigor Tractor and the Vosper Triple Screw Express Turbine Yacht.

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