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VIP Model Roadways

Part 18

1959 also bought the first major additions to the VIP Model Roadways in the form of additional track sections. Added to the Standard two-lane straight (MR270) and 60 Curves (MR260) which are found in 'Set A' were 30 Curves (MR262), 90 Crossroads (MR300) and a pack with four different length straights (MR252). In true roadway style these parts were also available as single lane items:- Straight (MR251), 60 Curve (MR261), 30 Curve (MR263) 90 Crossing (MR302) and Short straights (MR253). A combination single/two-lane 90 crossing (MR301) completed the choice.  

Scenic accessories were limited to a set of illuminated traffic lights (MR407) which could be wired to operate from a remote switch (MR408) or made to work automatically by following the instructions in a separate leaflet. A cardboard scenic bridge was shown on the main instruction sheet for 1959 and can be glimpsed in the picture below, but did not appear for sale until 1960.

The engaging little traffic light and rather austere lap counter

For the racers, a small ratchet type lap counter was released which fitted between the lanes in the small square hole at the end of the straight. It's operation was purely mechanical and required each car to have a small metal striker screwed into the chassis which knocked the ratchet as it passed, literally notching up another lap on the counter. As this striker had to protrude from the correct side of the car in order for the lap counter to be activated, it made the process of changing lanes rather tortuous. 


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