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The Coles Crane

Part 17

1959 saw the arrival of Victory's biggest, most complex and at 7. 15s. 0d. (Inc Purchase Tax) most expensive ever promotional model. The magnificent Coles Ranger Truck-Mounted Crane. This 1/28 scale beast features no less than three electric motors, remote control and an enormous jib that's over 2ft long when fully assembled. Commissioned as an impressive working display piece for sales reps to take into the field, the model is said to have been very popular in the Middle East where it was ever so slightly more portable than the real thing!

The three motors control raising & lowering the snatch block (Hoisting), rotating the crane body & jib (Slewing) and moving the crane forwards & backwards (Travelling). All of these actions along with steering are controlled from the remote control handset.

The 15"x 15" box is just as weighty and impressive as the model.


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