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 1959 - The Road to Recovery

Part 16

Keen to impress on the industry that they had not been sunk in the Trix disaster, Victory put out a notice to the trade press to advise that the Victory factory 'is now working all out on the production of dollar export orders. The Christmas market having absorbed their entire production of VIP model raceways, they are now hard pressed to fill substantial orders for these from the USA together with pressing demands from New York for Mighty Midget motors.

The Hillman Minx construction kit

In order to finance new models and developments it was necessary to drop many of the old products from the range and the following models were discontinued: The Vauxhall Velox, The Austin A40 Somerset, The Austin A40/50 Cambridge, The Conveyancer Fork Truck and The Triumph TR2. The Standard 10 and the Hillman Minx Saloon were now only available as construction kits.  

The Morris Minor 1000 Saloon

Although Tri-ang had put paid to any entirely new promotional model cars from Victory, There were still two final changes to existing models to complete the run. The Morris Minor saloon was updated from a Series II version to a 1000 by removing the central windscreen pillar, opening up the rear window aperture and by changing the number plate from MM5276 to MM195. 

The Hillman Minx Series III Convertible

The Hillman Minx Convertible was updated from a Series I to a Series III by a simple change to the radiator grill moulding.  

A further successful development to the range although one which now is rather bemoaned by collectors was the introduction of remote control to the MG TF, The Hillman Minx Convertible, The Morris Minor and the MGA. The remote control allowed for forward and reverse running and provided steering via a bowden-type cable.

The Morris Minor 1000 was available without this device, but it is very rare and may only have been distributed for promotional purposes in this form.

As far as I know the Series III versions of the Hillman Minx Convertible were only ever offered in remote control form and similarly the Series I versions only ever came without.


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