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Part 11


Randsome & Rapier's  tidy little Fast 7 Mobile Cranes earned their keep in small goods yards and a number were sold to British Rail. With its steered wheels situated at the rear it had a very small turning circle, could lift 7.5 tons and was capable of 20mph. Victory's model was originally billed to appear at the B.I.F. in 1956 but was delayed and didn't make its debut until January the following year.  At 3.7s.6d. (including Purchase tax) it was by far Victory's most expensive model to date and was produced in a wide range of bright colours  .

Mid-year, Victory dramatically transformed the TR2 into a TR3 by fitting a small plastic grill and changing the number plate. As you can see is this picture almost as much hard work and effort went into modifying the box.

At the same time and for four shillings less, they offered the TR3 as this very much more impressive and far rarer construction kit. I certainly know which version I'd have gone for!

For their next model The Hillman Minx Series One Convertible, Victory abandoned the traditional alloy trim pieces they had used to date in favour of vacuum plated injection mouldings. This allowed very much finer details to be incorporated like the small "Minx" badge in front of the door pillar.

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