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Part 8

With sales booming, the range of promotional models on offer continued to expand and 1955 bought a bumper crop of new models.

The Leyland Comet Tipper Truck. Though it's overall appearance is rather spoilt by the slightly undersized wheels, it does look the business from some angles! This model was only produced with a  yellow or an orange cab, black chassis and grey tipper bed but the prototype also featured black mudguards, black front valance and black wheel hubs. A neat touch on this model is the spade handle behind the drivers cab which is actually the on/off switch.

The Austin A40/A50 Cambridge - Unlike this publicity flyer issued before the models release, Victory's production model is of the four door car and thus either an A40 or an A50 which differed only in engine size.

The Hillman Minx Phase VIII De Luxe Saloon. Another fabulous Victory model and one of the most distortion free today. The Victory model is quite hard to find, but nothing like as rare as the real car is today which seems to be almost extinct.

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