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Even more from 1954!

Part 7

The Velox registration number is changed from VV 1972 to VAU 64 (don't ask me why!) and its cream wheel hubs (right & rear) are changed along with those on all of Victory's other models to a standard silver finish (left).

The Morris Minor was revised for a third time with much improved detailing and a revised grill to transform it from a “Highlight” Series MM/II Saloon (right) to a full-blown Series II Minor (left). The main body tooling still remained pretty much unchanged retaining the short bonnet of the original MM series Minors - something you'll not find on any full sized car.


Three of the four different colours available for Victory's pretty little MG Type TF. These seem to be one of the most abundant Victory models although they are often missing several parts of their trim. I've also yet to see an example where the feebly chromed grill hasn't tarnished. The MG TF was available with either a full width windscreen or with individual flyscreens like these three examples. These flyscreens were supplied in the small brown envelope shown in the foreground which was hidden in the battery compartment under the tonneau cover. A lovely feature is that the on/off switch on this model is the boot-mounted spare wheel.

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