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1954 - A Big Year for Victory

Part 6

Victory had now established themselves a comfortable niche in the marketplace as promotional model makers and received official approval from the Board of Trade for their scheme of 'Publicity through official working scale models'.  Vosper chairman Peter du Cane liked the model of the RAF Crash Tender so much that he became a large shareholder in Victory going on to become a Director of the company in 1959.

The Conveyancer Fork Lift Truck - not Victory's most visually exciting project and the bane of their service department who were continually repairing ones where leaking batteries had played havoc with the wiring. Much more fun to play with than to look at!

The Vosper RAF Crash Tender - Perhaps Victory's most popular model and certainly their most enduring. A very familiar sight at collectors toyfairs today. This model was produced from 1954 through to 1969 by Victory and then when the company closed in 1969, the tooling and remaining stocks were bought by G&R Wrenn of model railway fame. Wrenn then produced the boat themselves for a further two years and through this connection it featured in several Tri-ang publications.

The Electric Winch & Power Pack - perhaps the most obscure Victory item. Basically the Mighty Midget coupled to the winch mechanism concealed inside the fork lift truck, both of which are then mounted to a meccano like baseboard.

The new-look Mighty Midget Motor - improved design with better access to brushes and armature

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