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Victory's Austin A40 Somerset

Part 5


Victory's third large scale model (and my own personal favourite) was the jelly mould like Austin A40 Somerset and this model was introduced at the start of 1953. The improved financial situation within the company and more accurate costing methods meant it was possible to incorporate more small details into this model such as the separately moulded red tail lights and the delightful 'flying A' mascot.

The three colour variations of Victory's Somerset from left to right

Coronet Cream, Black and Balmoral Blue

Later the same year, the Velox underwent a minor facelift which gave it alloy side trim, alloy rear number plate surround and separately moulded rear lights. this second version still retained ivory wheel hubs and the registration number VV1972.

Victory's only minor slip up was the 'Micro Motor' an industrial version of the Mighty Midget. It failed to make any impression on the market and was quietly dropped.

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