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Victory's Vauxhall Velox

Part 4

1951 - 1952

Despite excellent sales figures, the Minor project had been poorly costed. The resulting financial crisis almost spelt the end of Victory and as a direct result they were forced to lay off most of their staff. The company struggled through the winter of 1951 and then recruited a new man with more financial experience to try to sort out the mess.  Ivor Spence soon turned things round and thanks to a second properly costed promotional model - Vauxhalls E-type Velox, the company were soon back in the black. Ivor quickly proved himself invaluable and  would later go on to become General Manager of the company.

Late in 1952 Victory made several changes to the Minor, primarily to include the raised headlights that were now fitted to the real car to comply with foreign legislation but also to sort out some problems that had surfaced with the strength and durability of their original model. 


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