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The Mighty Midget Electric racer

Part 2

1948 - 1949

To prevent further problems with trade marks, Victory adopted the 'flying V' logo as their trademark and called most of their subsequent products 'V Models' but everybody still called them Victory models!

[Image][Image]There were two slightly different versions of the smashing little Mighty Midget Racer. The first type (shown here) was introduced towards the end of 1948 and used two part alloy wheels. These were replaced in 1950 by more rigid die-cast wheel's which unfortunately have proved prone to metal fatigue and are often cracked or broken today. The racer was available in red, blue or green and was also available as a construction kit from 1950.






The Racer was Victory's first battery powered vehicle and proved to be very popular. Beneath its pressed metal shell it was driven by the 'Mighty Midget' electric motor. Housed in a bakelite casing, the motor used an unusual split 3-pole armature which was said to be more efficient than other electric motors of this period. The motor was soon made available as a separate item where again it found a very eager market.

Eventually Victory decided to modify the 'Miss England' boat and replace the steam engine, which was proving troublesome to manufacture with the electric motor. In this new form the boat was re-christened "Electra".

By all accounts the Electra was rather underpowered, it didn't sell very well and is consequently quite hard to find today.

The success of the Mighty Midget Racer gave Victory sufficient confidence and resources to tackle their next project - promotional scale models.

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